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Next steps to a smokefree
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Tobacco Control Update

Our last fortnightly
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22 June 2016

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What is tobacco control advocacy?

5000 NZers die each year from tobacco. That means 50,000 lives are
ours to save before 2025.

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  Main menu     What is tobacco control advocacy?

Click on the image for a detailed visual Prezi of tobacco control sector advocacy in Aotearoa New Zealand, through a "Tipu Ake" lens.

Tipu Ake is a leadership model developed for grass roots community action like ours in tobacco control. The basic framework is that of a tree: all of us within tobacco control can find ourselves uniquely placed within the framework.

Birds on the tree carry our Smokefree messages; they are our advocates (from health promoters and cessation service providers, to Smokefree enforcement officers and even every family member supporting someone through quitting).

Branches of the tree give us structure; they are the organisations we work for and they are all networked together through national information and leadership services.

The trunk of the tree connects all of this network together; it feeds information throughout the network from the ground below.

The roots of the tree provide us our resources; they provide our strategy and coordination, based on evidence, consultation and evaluation.

Tipu Ake relies on the environment, too. For leadership to prosper throughout this model, we need:

  • Government's commitment, like a tree needs the sun's light
  • Enough funding, like a tree needs fresh rain
  • Constant political will from each new government, just like the wind carries a tree's seeds and pollen.

Please take this Prezi and share with your own community. Discuss the roles and the resources available in your area, to become Smokefree by 2025. If you believe there are parts missing to the Tipu Ake model for your community, contact the Smokefree Coalition to see how it can advocate for you.

The Smokefree Coalition maintains political neutrality throughout all communications. We do not endorse or make donations to any political party.
We support Government's commitment to making Aotearoa New Zealand a smokefree nation by 2025.