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What is tobacco control advocacy?

5000 NZers die each year from tobacco. That means 50,000 lives are
ours to save before 2025.

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Reports commissioned by the Smokefree Coalition and ASH NZ into tobacco taxation in New Zealand

The Smokefree Coalition and ASH have together commissioned a study to look into the effects of taxation on tobacco products, and to make some recommendations about the future of tobacco taxation in New Zealand. These reports available below.

There are two main reports, one into the effects of tobacco taxation and a second concerning the principle of 'tied taxes', where the revenue gained from any increase in tobacco taxation is used to provide support for smokers who wish to quit. Revenue from this source could also be used for mass media campaigns and other tobacco control activities.

These are long and complex documents aimed at decision makers. For those who want to view the condensed version a summary document is also available.

These reports provide a strong evidence base for an immediate increase in the taxation on tobacco products, a change in the methods of indexation to maintain the relative effect of taxation increases and regular and predictable incremental tax increases over time.

The Smokefree Coalition and ASH are grateful to the authors for the presentation of this work.

Report on Tobacco Taxation in New Zealand

Commissioned by the Smokefree Coalition and ASH NZ
Principal Authors: Mr Des O’Dea and Dr George Thomson
Contributors: Dr Richard Edwards and Dr Heather Gifford




The Smokefree Coalition maintains political neutrality throughout all communications. We do not endorse or make donations to any political party.
We support Government's commitment to making Aotearoa New Zealand a smokefree nation by 2025.