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What is tobacco control advocacy?

5000 NZers die each year from tobacco. That means 50,000 lives are
ours to save before 2025.

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Interesting news items about smoking and tobacco control feature on our website home page each fortnight. This page contains an archive of links to those stories over the last few months.

In the news archive

Northland campground declares smokefree status 12 April 2016
Call for clampdown on tobacco sales outlets 10 April 2016
Wellington set to ban smoking and vaping in most public spaces 8 April 2016
Facebook posts make former smoker accountable 8 April 2016
Kids gather support for car smoke ban 5 April 2016
Second-hand smoke exposure numbers halve 1 April 2016
Palmerston North promotes law change allowing councils to fine smokers 30 March 2016
An R Rating, Perhaps, for Smoking on Screen 22 March 2016
France sets cigarette plain package date, JTI to file appeal 22 March 2016
Legal fight looms for government over plain tobacco packaging 17 February 2016
Tobacco plain packaging bill re-lit 17 February 2016
Smoking bans reduce heart disease in non-smokers 8 February 2016
Push for smokefree retailers 7 October 2015
New Zealand's plain-packaging initiative going up in smoke 6 October 2015
New Zealand slipping in its smokefree lead 1 October 2015
Plea for smokefree cars backed in North 30 September 2015
Call to ban smoking in cars 29 September 2015
Step up for Stoptober, minister urges smokers 25 September 2015
Stoptober 2015 launch 25 September 2015
Wellington smoking survey 16 September 2015
Stoptober 2015 launch 16 September 2015
Smoking ban in cars with children campaign launched 14 September 2015
Welsh ban of smoking in cars with children effective 1 October 14 September 2015
Australian tobacco consumption plunges 2 September 2015
Australian tobacco consumption plunges 2 September 2015
Associate Minister of Health announces development of a "separate tobacco control plan" to sit alongside National Drug Policy 26 August 2015
Big tobacco should be excluded from the TPPA 25 August 2015
Stalled TPP 'a chance to take stock and give democracy a chance' 7 August 2015
Going undercover to expose single cigarette sales 3 August 2015
Legal thuggery: Philip Morris' "arrogant claim" 30 July 2015
Smokefree Cars For NZ Kids 28 July 2015
Māori Affairs, Ministry need to engage with whānau more effectively 23 July 2015
Yearly increase of 20 percent needed on tobacco excise tax 21 July 2015
Restaurant smoking ban might be what's needed, says Goodhew 20 July 2015
UN Conference urges governments to consider taxing tobacco to finance development 16 July 2015
How passive smoking raises the risk of a stroke by nearly a third 13 July 2015
Tobacco companies to fight $1-billion payout 9 July 2015
Fire station site stubs out smoking 9 July 2015
WHO: Stepped up government tax action needed to curb tobacco epidemic 7 July 2015
Smokefree Hastings 7 July 2015
Cases of lung cancer in women reach 20,000 per year 1 July 2015
Another country plans to legislate plain packs 25 June 2015
Quitline: 80 percent of smokers wish they'd never started... 20 June 2015
Dramatic tobacco decline a drag on strong economy: Australia 4 June 2015
Smoking ban in England cuts child hospital admissions 28 May 2015
Majority want smoking ban in public places 8 May 2015
Don't quit on quitting 21 April 2015
New Zealand and the protocol to eliminate illicit trade in tobacco products 20 April 2015
No rise in smuggling when cigarette branding is removed 10 April 2015
Ministry of Health: Realignment of tobacco control services – Advance notice 10 April 2015
Tobacco control 'hot spots': plain packs 7 April 2015
Tobacco sales dip 23 percent over four years: Ash 1 April 2015
Kids agree to stub them out 1 April 2015
NZ teenage smoking rate drops below 3 percent for the first time 28 March 2015
More parental guilt as Quitline and Screentime continue fight against smoking 27 March 2015
Industry makes $7,000 for each tobacco death: health campaigners 19 March 2015
Dame Tariana Turia: looking ahead to a tobacco-free New Zealand 18 March 2015
UK: MPs pass legislation to introduce standardised cigarette packaging 12 March 2015
Minister says more evidence needed on e-cigarettes 13 March 2015
Māori Party congratulates England on introducing standardised cigarette packaging 11 March 2015
Ireland shows the way with plain packaging tobacco law 28 February 2015
Challenge to NZ after 10 years of global tobacco control 27 February 2015
Huge backing for smoke-free cars 18 February 2015
England bans smoking in cars with children 11 February 2015
Solomon Islands introduces Australian-style cigarette packet warnings 28 January 2015
Norwegian Government to consult on proposal for standardised packaging of tobacco products 25 January 2015
Sri Lanka elects tobacco champion for President 16 January 2015
National SUDI (Sudden Unexpected Death in Infancy) Prevention for Māori. 15 January 2015
New Year's boost for Quitline 13 January 2015
Reducing smoking in pregnancy among Māori women: "aunties" perceptions and willingness to help. 18 December 2014
Where and why more Māori still smoke 10 December 2014
Pub air celebrates a decade of no smoke 10 December 2014
Calls grow to ban outdoor smoking 6 December 2014
Report shows significant decrease in smoking 4 December 2014
Tasmanian tobacco bill to ban smoking for youth 20 November 2014
'Smoke this' campaign gets young people to give tobacco industry the two fingers 18 November 2014
Australian and New Zealand Indigenous mothers' report respect for smoking bans in homes 14 November 2014
Unhappiness with hometown causes one in five youths to take up smoking and drinking 31 October 2014
Inaugural Stoptober Delivers Smoke Free Life for Thousands 30 October 2014
Smokefree Nurses Aotearoa new campaign 29 October 2014
The impact of the Trans-Pacific Partnership on health 28 October 2014
No WTO judgment in tobacco packaging dispute until at least 2016 15 October 2014
Dunne: New Zealand Respiratory Conference 2014 9 October 2014
Smokefree advocate named Public Health Champion 7 October 2014
The final countdown for Kiwi smokers 28 September 2014
France introduces plain packs to stub out high smoking rates 25 September 2014
Miriama's mission: Stop in the name of love! 22 September 2014
Pregnant Māori mums offered gift vouchers to quit smoking 3 September 2014
Young adult campaign: Stop before you start 2 September 2014
Asthma Awareness Week 1 September 2014
Council to call for smokes ban 28 August 2014
Ban e-cigarettes in restaurants and workplaces, says World Health Organisation 26 August 2014
Jeffrey Wigand returns to NZ this October 6 August 2014
Why HIV patients must stop smoking 6 August 2014
Stoptober launches smoking cessation website 6 August 2014
The design battle to sell, and to stop, smoking 29 July 2014
South Africa plans plain cigarette packaging by 2015: minister 24 July 2014
Depressed smokers can quit smoking sooner if they exercise more 23 July 2014
Smoking rates down, fewer young people drinking alcohol and mixed results on illicit use of drugs 17 July 2014
Huge drop in Australian smoking rates attributed to standardised packs 16 July 2014
Going smokefree wins $6000 9 July 2014
Quakes' impact on substance use and mental health quantified 17 July 2014
Health warning: Smokers are 45% more likely to develop dementia 10 July 2014
Launch of the National Stop Smoking Practitioner Qualification and National Training Service 3 July 2014
Strong support for plain cigarette packaging, poll shows 1 July 2014
MOH: Statement of Intent 2014 to 2018 30 June 2014
Decline in funding for mass media campaigns undermines smokefree 2025 goal 25 June 2014
Big tobacco's desperation reaches new heights 18 June 2014
Strong public support for smokefree cars 30 May 2014
Negativity needed around nicotine 14 May 2014
New initiative targets young Māori smokers 13 May 2014
Kids drawn to brightly-coloured cigarette packs 7 May 2014
Plain cigarette packs could reduce Māori health gap, committee told 7 May 2014
Fiji: President wants end to tobacco 30 April 2014
South Korea takes on 'big tobacco' 23 April 2014
Significant public support for ban on smoking in cars carrying children 21 April 2014
The impact of smoking on menopause 17 April 2014
Public to have a say on plain packaging 11 April 2014
17 landmark smoking bans that cleared the air 29 March 2014
Whanganui chosen in nationwide health initiative 21 March 2014
Imperial Tobacco a finalist in the Roger Awards 17 March 2014
Smoking breaks cost businesses £8.7 billion 4 March 2014
Scientist talks tax and price polices for tobacco 3 March 2014
Time to ban menthol 28 February 2014
Buses challenge smokers to quit now 28 February 2014
World No Tobacco Day – 31 May 2014 28 February 2014
EU lawmakers back tougher anti-smoking rules 27 February 2014
Tobacco companies lack 'strong' evidence against plain packaging 13 February 2014
Smoking cessation may improve mental health 11 February 2014
Former smokers save over four hundred thousand dollars 3 February 2014
Census shows fewer smoke 1 February 2014
Big tobacco goes up in smoke 31 January 2014
Plain packaging WILL reduce number of smokers, experts tell politicians 30 January 2014
New US Surgeon General's Report – Ideas for new tobacco health warnings on packs or are different messages required? 30 January 2014
Smoker numbers edge close to one billion 8 January 2014
New app launched to help young people quit smoking 8 January 2014
Triple tobacco tax, prevent 200 million deaths 6 January 2014
Tobacco's ugly truth must be uncovered 22 December 2013
Australia's Cancer Council applauds New Zealand over plain-packaging 18 December 2013
Big tobacco bullies 15 December 2013
Quitline celebrates decline in NZ smoking population 10 December 2013
Duty-free cigarettes cut tax take 29 November 2013
Do consumers of manufactured cigarettes respond differently to price changes compared with their roll-your-own counterparts? 20 November 2013
Smoking cessation helps prevent osteoporosis 29 October 2013
Cancer Society: Make a choice for life 21 October 2013
The effects of smoking on your body 21 October 2013
Is consumer response to plain/standardised tobacco packaging consistent with framework convention on tobacco control guidelines? 16 October 2013
Smoking affects molecular mechanisms and thus children's immune systems 7 October 2013
Reilly tells Big Tobacco: come ahead and sue us 6 October 2013
Open Letter to John Key on Tobacco 4 October 2013
Take action for health equity 2 October 2013
Quit smoking? Check insurance policy 24 September 2013
World urged to follow New Zealand tobacco lead 11 September 2013
WHO Director-General considers the tobacco endgame 11 September 2013
How cigarette companies use free trade deals to sell more cigarettes to women and kids 10 September 2013
Health Minister thanks health professionals 27 August 2013
Why is Obama caving on tobacco? 22 August 2013
New tool to strengthen global collaboration against non-communicable diseases 14 August 2013
The Nigel Gray Award 11 August 2013
Smoking: The endgame 11 August 2013
Note for Quitcard Providers: Change to NRT assessment guide 30 July 2013
Imperial Tobacco prosecuted for giving away smokes 26 July 2013
Micronutrients could help people quit smoking 25 July 2013
Auckland Council approves wide smoking ban 24 July 2013
Prisoners settle in with no smoking policy 16 July 2013
One third of world's population benefits from effective tobacco control measure 10 July 2013
WERO group quit smoking competition goes national 4 July 2013
Jamaican government to ban smoking in public places 25 June 2013
244,000 smokers received help to quit 20 June 2013
British American profits run out of NZ puff 18 June 2013
Attack on Australia: Tobacco industry challenges to plain packaging 18 June 2013
Prisons in NZ will remain smokefree following court decision 3 June 2013
Regular price rises doing trick but teamwork stubs habit 31 May 2013
Smokefree and loving it 31 May 2013
Tobacco-free brings benefits 27 May 2013
Ban smoking before 2015, urges forum 21 May 2013
The cabinet of horrors in every convenience store 9 May 2013
Licensing on cards for tobacco sellers 4 May 2013
Call to quit smoking on World Smokefree Day 1 May 2013
Why do health boards allow smoking on site? 25 April 2013
Tobacco industry's plain packaging fight a lost cause 23 April 2013
New York City wants to ban cigarette sales to people under 21 22 April 2013
MPs say plain cigarette packs will not lead to illegal trading 25 March 2013
New app a smoking time machine 21 March 2013
Cheaper low-tar ciggies seen as quitting aid 10 March 2013
Cigarette price rise to lessen smoking rate in New Zealand 6 March 2013
UK Government to legislate for plain cigarette packaging this year 5 March 2013
Simon Chapman: Tobacco industry targeting poor 4 March 2013
Plain facts on smoking 20 February 2013
Tobacco plain packaging 'will help reverse 1 billion global death toll' 19 February 2013
Tobacco plain packaging to be introduced 19 February 2013
Study backs ban on car smoking 18 February 2013
Editorial: Brands have good cause to be worried 21 January 2013
Tobacco giant won't quit fight on plain packaging 20 January 2013
More smokers getting support to quit 9 January 2013
Contest helps smokers quit 1 January 2013
Keep cars smoke free, say locals 28 December 2012
Imperial Tobacco, one of the world's biggest cigarette firms, loses display battle 12 December 2012
Researchers calculate the cost of smoking 28 November 2012
Tobacco companies are told to correct lies about smoking 27 November 2012
Anti-tobacco group eyes 'smoker's licence' 20 November 2012
Text messages help smokers quit 15 November 2012
Quit group a success 14 November 2012
Strike a deadly blow against smoking 13 November 2012
Smoking in cars a problem among parents, study finds 12 November 2012
Ugly truth sends teens smoke signal 4 November 2012
A defence of death 1 November 2012
Women who quit by 40 can live an extra decade 27 October 2012
Minister touts car smoking ban 23 October 2012
$20 for pack of smokes 'not enough' 17 October 2012
Fighting for the right to brand poisonous products 15 October 2012
Quitline supports 'a small city' of smokers 9 October 2012
Anti-plain packaging ads are driving me BATs 5 October 2012
Hamilton adopts smokefree policy 27 September 2012
Just two cigarettes a day can hook teens 27 September 2012
Iwi push to stop Māori smoking 25 September 2012
Second-hand smoke tied to memory problems: study 20 September 2012
Anti-smoking campaign delivers 11 September 2012
Duty-free cigarettes Turia's next target 6 September 2012
New plain packaging research – experts respond 4 September 2012
Editorial: Keep fighting against tobacco 20 August 2012
Plain packaging can't be delayed – expert 17 August 2012
Black market tobacco claim unfounded, says Customs 1 August 2012
Dylan Thorne: Tobacco best out of sight 27 July 2011
Call for e-cigarettes to help quit smoking 21 July 2012
Tobacco retailer support for new legislation 20 July 2012
Tobacco companies 'running scared' – ASH 20 July 2012
Presentation to the Finance and Expenditure Select Committee 18 July 2012
The human toll of the tobacco industry 12 July 2012
A jab that 'vaccinates' people against smoking for life being developed 28 June 2012
Health groups: 'Stop duty-free cigs' 25 June 2012
How tobacco companies dodge advertising bans 21 June 2012
Smoking in cars is abuse: principal 14 June 2012
Out of sight, out of mind? Removal of tobacco displays in Norway 7 June 2012
Warriors star steps up to help kids 6 June 2012
Budget drives smokers to try and quit 5 June 2012
Turia: Toot and shame car smokers 1 June 2012
Ciggie-free prisons a success story 27 May 2012
Smokefree and more healthy 10 May 2012
Smokefree places seen as normal 4 May 2012
Māori Party wants ban on smoking in cars 3 May 2012
Cigarette prices to rise again 2 May 2012
Designer packs being used to lure new generation of smokers 26 April 2012
Tobacco retailers flawless in underage sting 26 April 2012
Big tobacco's smoke screen 21 April 2012
UK public backs plain packaging 15 April 2012
Philip Morris fined for publishing ads 11 April 20121
Plan to stub out Auckland's smoking culture 5 April 2012
Smoking in cars – legislation is better than education March 2012
Cancer Society blasts tobacco export 26 March 2012
Dr Margaret Chan: WCOTOH: The changed face of the tobacco industry 20 March 2012
Educate to stamp out risks to babies 12 March 2012
75,000 New Zealanders vote for a smokefree future 12 March 2012
Surgeon General report shows industry is still addicting kids 8 March 2012
Smoking deaths will not fall without political action, doctors warn 6 March 2012
Political leadership needed to achieve tobacco-free goal 28 February 2012
Tariana Turia: Smokefree, our history, our future 28 February 2012
Public smoking bans 'drive down home smoking' 14 February 2012
Why people must stop smoking in their cars 13 February 2012
Aussie government defends plain packaging, restricts online advertising 9 February 2012

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