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What is tobacco control advocacy?

5000 NZers die each year from tobacco. That means 50,000 lives are
ours to save before 2025.

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The Smokefree Coalition is committed to preventing the uptake of smoking among young people and reducing the smoking rates of all New Zealanders.

We encourage debate about tobacco control issues.

The Smokefree Coalition provides a collective voice for its members – more than 50 organisations including the Asthma Foundation, Cancer Society and Heart Foundation.

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Why my dairy doesn't sell tobacco

The timeline of a smoker’s life can easily begin in the womb but we won’t start there. We won’t start either in the pram or the car seat. Nor will we start in the bedroom or living room or kitchen. Let’s not start with second-hand smoke. Let's not start with the smoke that can hardly be escaped especially by those most vulnerable. Let's start at the pivotal point in a child's life. That point in a child's life of changing bodies and decision making. We will start the smoker's timeline at age 11...

My name is Niki Gordon of the Glasgow Street Dairy and Takeaways in Whanganui. I am a father, grandfather and business owner and I made the decision to try for a better future. It is within my power.


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The Smokefree Coalition maintains political neutrality throughout all communications. We do not endorse or make donations to any political party.
We support Government's commitment to making Aotearoa New Zealand a smokefree nation by 2025.